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01.25.2020 , 08:51 PM | #6
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How is the first phase running?
Are you pushing both tentacles below 10% before killing or are you getting another phase by having mismatched tentacles?

Anyone dying in the second phase?

It sounds like you need around another 1/2 to a full minute more of fight time to kill the boss but the enrage is whats pulling you up short.
Whats your raid DPS currently at? (and whats the health for 16man TFB, been ages since I checked those values)
First phase perfectly done, no 4th set of tentacle. 2nd phase without any death means enrage a little before last tentacle dies, but we often get a death at some point and end up with the case of enage at 20-40% of last tentacle.

We had 1 tank 1 heal locked for TFB HM so we went for DF this week, we'll check next week for those values. Raid dps on DF 3rd boss was 90k, dps average was around 8k-8k2.