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You wrote you have a few dps dead early in the fight... how many are the "few"? I think this will be the main issue for you. If you have 2 dpses dead, then other 8 will not be able to magically pull out 2k dps more each to make up for the loss of the 2 dead dps, no matter if they cheese slams or not... especially since the remaining dpses still have to do the anomalies (which further takes away damage from tentacles). If you have 3-4 dpses dead, then that is what killed you for sure.
I know that in 16 HM you can afford a few deaths if the rest of the group has very high dps, but that would mean 1-2 dead dpses while the rest of them does about 9-10k - similar to 8 HM where you can maybe have one person die if it is late enough. Stress to your group that dead dps is a bad dps, as he does 0 damage, and it is better to jump from platform early and miss one or two attacks on tentacle than to stay there, getting the cast done, and being a millisecond too late to jump to safety.
Also do you have all healers stay at the home platform, or do you keep only one here and the others move with group and offdps the tentacle? You can get a few k dps from them - probably a bit less than one dps combined, but if you are very close on enrage timer, they can be what you need to push past it...
It is not easy to advise just on forum without seeing your try or without parse, but it seems your group is getting very close to kill, so keep at it! Sometimes you need multiple tries so everyone will understand what to do and exact timings so they will not get killed next time...
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