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01.24.2020 , 07:26 PM | #1
Hi everyone !

As said in the title, i'm looking for advice for TFB 16HM. after the 1st phase (real world) we are sent into the void world, and here comes the trouble. We hit enrages when the last tentacle is somewhere between 20-40% hp.

Boss hp at that moment : 18%, so not an enrage due to pushing him.
mech we're doing : everyone gotta avoid the slam and jump out of platform. if you miss the jump, tentacle ONESHOT you. it's not like heavy damage or anything like 8HM where it deals about 50% of your hp, here, you die instantly.
When first tentacle is at 70% hp, one dps go tfor the irregularity that spawned. When it reach 25% hp, second dps move to kill the second irregularity. First dps will get to the 3rd, 2nd dps will then go back to tentacle to finish it and finish it before 4th irregularity starts shooting us.

Concerning our dps : we can clear EC & SNV HM(all bosses) without getting any enrages, so i think the dps is good enough for HM. Not that everyone pushes 10k+, but enough for HM (average being around 7k5 - 8k). What kills us is mechanics not done correctly, and we hit enrages when we have few dps killed too early in the fight.

This week i'll test "everyone stand on the platform and takes the slam into the face" to see if the damages are split between everyone. If not, then i'd like to know if you have any advice to make it run smoother and get that boss down please.

Thank you for reading this far, take care everyone, see you in game.