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Full auto is still 70%

As for Commando healer the TP changes were unnecessary, it made our tankhealing sightly worse for better raid healing. But our main issue didn't get fixed and that is heat management. If you were a good Mando healer before this "buff" changes nothing
I have to disagree. TP changes will be HUGE. Hammer shot to your own FACE will be good as well.

These aren't game changing but it has essentially made TP a useful part of your rotation. Up until now, TP was useful at the start but after that you would only reapply when everyone was full and you had some downtime on boss damage. Otherwise is was just to expensive to throw into the middle of heavy healing phases. Sounds like now, you will be able to monitor and reapply when necessary. Now during the down times, you can apply it to other raid members as well. This will now be our answer to all the hots that scoundrels put out. This is assuming it has no limit on the amount of people you can apply it too, i haven't seen anything saying if its unlimited or not.

The HS will be nice, was always annoying not being able to target yourself. PVE and PVP. Not a game changer there but will make healing a little smoother and something that should have been able from the start.....