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Be good if you didnít have to heal in the respawn sometimes or die twice or still have dots on you (pet hate)

As for the stuns, we donít need more immunities, we just need less mez or we need all soft stuns to apply the same amount of resolve as a hard stun. Which would make people think more before using it.

The problem as I see it is weíve had an increasing amount of speed / escape abilities over the years and then had more stun, mez, slow affects added to compensate. Itís been an arms race between speed and stuns.
Nearly every class has a speed run like ability. I remember when Inquisitors and Sages were the only ones with speed. Maraís had predation, but there wasnít a utility that allowed it to be a free spam every 30secs. Operatives had one roll.

I would love to go back to the 1.2 meta, but without the Mara smash. That was the most fun for me as most classes were balanced and there were minimal stun affects and it let the game flow better.
Force speed doesnt make you immune to stuns though, without stun dr classes like sorc, pt and sins lack the dcds and movement evasion against stronger classes. Which leads to inevitable death. I understand this is a team game but in reality, a lot of the situations we find ourselves in are not always circulated around pvp players that are supporting one another so it is up to the devs to take this oppurtunity to evaluate what certain classes are lacking and combat it. From my perspective the ability to endure/ avoid stuns is the main differentiator between the weak and strong classes when compared on a solo level.
Especially classes like merc, sniper and mara. Mercs have enough dcds to the point that their suvivability alone is able to combat a stun lock, also they have reflect if they are taking too much dmg. Maras have a lot of stun immunity and a 75% dmg reduction, again another combat to being stun locked. A good sniper always usuallyt has entrench up which is stun immunity that allows them to use their dcds while an enemy is attacking them along with other utilites that allows them to survive at a much higher rate than i.e pts. DPS sins, sorces and pts (the only classes I am really talking about here) do not have anything to combat being hardstuned. This specifically is what makes PTs so bad unless they are qued with tanks and heals. Atleast sorcers have some type of movement/escape ability and assassins can cloak but it is not enough to match the stronger classes in the game. Once they use breaker and are hard stunned they are facing inevitable death which I am suggesting we should try to fix by accumulating creative and unique ideas that can combat stun locks for the weaker classes.