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A lot of classes in PvP are too vulnerable once they are hardstunned. They are forced to take a lot of damage and unless they have breaker they cannot escape. Since Bioware has removed stun DR on a lot of classes, we (as a community) need a new alternative to adjust to this stun lock meta. One suggestion to fixing this is allowing players to avoid hardstuns by adding in extra movement abilities or giving every class a similar dcd that Operatives/Snipers have which allows them to avoid hardstuns if they time their abilitiy right ( their roll abilitiy). This would fix the issue but would make the game too monotonous. Another suggestion is giving all players the abiltiy to choose whether or not they want to take a stun DR set bonus (2-piece) or amplifier in replacement of something else. Again would help with the problem but is boring and does not make the combat/gameplay more exciting. Another suggestion is giving weaker classes in PvP; such as DPS Powertech/Vanguard, Assassins/Shadows, Sorcerers/Sages more movement and creative evade abilities that allow them to avoid hardstuns and escape/prevent pin-downs. One thing that I was thinking about is the abilitiy to clone your toon or something that allows sorcerers to place LOS objects while in a warzone (probably reaching but it is creative).

We need creative and alternative ideas in order to adapt to the stun meta which can ruin a PvP experience for a lot of players.
The whole point of being hardstunned is to make you vulnerable. The alternative to overcome this vulnerability has been since the game first launched, an ability called GUARD (usually from tanks), heals and the big surprise, CC them(AKA YOUR TEAMATES)!

Since the start of the game, they have also added abilities that dodge hardstuns, operative roll, sniper entrench, 6 seconds immunity from stuns for mara and sins (if they chose the utility for it). On top of all this they have the resolve system which after being cced basically twice in a row, you get white barred and cannot be stunned for the duration of it.

This is a team game after all, if you refuse to play it that way in pvp, that's your own problem, not the games.
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