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Oooooh, so not skimmer puke? Bubblehead?

Some folks just have no manners nor sense. I like to be the one who deals with CS people fairly and calmly. If I'm really in a temper I will preface it with "I know this isn't down to you, please don't take it personally" and go from there. But I never forget that there's a human on the other end who's just trying to make a living.

As is Eric. Who probably thinks right about now that being an accountant might've been a better choice.
MM2(ss) here. There are two kinds of ships in the Navy, fast boats and targets.

I sometimes have sufficient tact to pull they, "I know this isn't your fault" line, but sometimes my inner Submariner shows through and I explain in a calm and rational manner why the person should stop wasting my oxygen.

Accountant? Nah, he should look into something safe, like SWAT duty. At least then he can defend himself against the angry mob.