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02.13.2019 , 01:04 AM | #8
cost and time per mat goes down significantly with the higher yeilds

Rich vs Bountiful Gather Skills 23%+ faster per mat, and 10%+ cheaper per mat
Rich vs Bountiful Mission Skills: 33%+ faster / purple mat, and 23%+ cheaper per purple mat

those percentage are minimum, and factor in crit rate

all the good crafting stuff requires purples, and even with lvl 50 comps, you'll still be pulling about [ 5.5 : 1 ] blues to purples. crafting ratios being what they are, that means you'll have tons of spare blues even after you run out of purples... so it's not even worth counting them. Always run Mission skills as Rich (or Wealthy if you have a slicer alt, GTN prices for mission discoveries are ridiculous)