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I'm actually going to contradict the previous poster: low defense chance is a bad idea for assassin tanks. The assassin force management procs are from both shield and defense, so there is no incentive from that to stack one over the other. The ideal ratio for an assassin in augmented and min-maxed Campaign gear, buffed and stimmed, is somewhere around 28% defense, 65% shield (with Dark Ward), 58% absorb, and around 26.5k HP. By using the War Hero relics, you can get a slightly higher stat budget and inflate your defensive stats, but your net survivability will actually drop.

I've cleared TFB HM as a shadow tank, and my gear looks like this:

The tentacle phase *is* annoying, no question about that. I generally follow a strict priority queue on my cooldowns. It goes something like this:
  • If tentacle is about to Slam and I am below 50% HP, pop Dark Shroud
  • If I am below 20% HP, pop Deflection
  • If I am below 70% HP and my healer is below 30% mana, pop Overcharge Saber (or if I just feel like it)
  • If I am below 60%, my healer is below 30% mana and I'm out of cooldowns, pop adrenal
  • If I am below 40%, my healer is below 30% mana and I'm out of cooldowns, pop medpac

The important one is the first. Slam will hit you for about 8k. This is an attack that happens frequently, and if it happens following a hypergate on the healer, it *can* be disastrous. Fortunately, it's a reasonably easy attack to predict as long as you have good reflexes. Watch the tentacle closely. Its "pecking" attack is a short, quick movement. When it is milliseconds from slamming you, it will straighten out a bit and (fairly) slowly swing toward the ground. This gives you about a 220 ms window in which to pop Dark Shroud, which will completely negate the damage. You should be able to do this twice per tentacle.

The downside is then you won't have Dark Shroud up to deal with errant larva, so you will need to really rely on your DPS to take care of the adds in a timely manner.

It is worth noting that Assassin tanks will always have a substantially higher "Damage Taken" number than an equivalently-geared PowerTech. The reason for this is that you have a self-heal! Your self-heal is a massive, massive component of your survivability. Use and abuse it. The tentacle phase is actually really good for this due to the frequent small melee attacks. You can go into a Thrash-heavy rotation and use the Energize proc to get Shock more frequently than its standard cooldown. This in turn allows you to proc Harnessed Darkness at an insane rate, dramatically increasing your self-heal (I go up to nearly 200 HPS in that phase of the fight, which is a 30% boost). Your healers just need to be aware of the fact that you're going to heal back a certain amount of the damage. Ideally, they wouldn't fuss over topping you off all the time, instead just leaving you around 80-85% HP.

Overall, gearing for TFB HM as an assassin tank is not (very) dissimilar from gearing for any other op. You should be a just a hair more endurance heavy for TFB than for EC, as a much higher percentage of the damage bypasses defensive stats, but only a hair. I would say that the ratio advice I gave at the top of the post is about right.
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