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This is totally infeasible for SWTOR because of the amount of recorded player-character voice material. Well, unless you mean combat grunts only. All player-character lines are already recorded a minimum of three times (class companion romance lines), more often at least six (class-story lines) or even 24 (faction-story lines) or 48 (class-and-sex-independent lines). If you add a second voice option for each class, you would count on doubling all of them, and consequently doubling the VA cost of new player lines *and* the player-audio part of the downloads.
What about effects on the voices, isnt this what they use when peeps have their helmets on? Im sure our brilliant devs could come up with a variety of worthy voice effect inclusions if they chose to add a feature like this.

It's very sad how you people are always on and on about what cannot be done, never using your thoughts to explore what could be.