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- Different voice choices. The voice should either go with the race so if I make a Sith trooper he should get the Sith voice or the Trooper should have 3 - 5 different voice options. Gets old having a ****** toon with a whimpy voice or a tiny, sneaky type toon with a heroic voice.
This is totally infeasible for SWTOR because of the amount of recorded player-character voice material. Well, unless you mean combat grunts only. All player-character lines are already recorded a minimum of three times (class companion romance lines), more often at least six (class-story lines) or even 24 (faction-story lines) or 48 (class-and-sex-independent lines). If you add a second voice option for each class, you would count on doubling all of them, and consequently doubling the VA cost of new player lines *and* the player-audio part of the downloads.
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