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10.05.2019 , 01:10 PM | #22
- I'd like for them to separate height and size scales. Make it so I can choose at least 5 different heights and 5 different sizes. 4 premade takes away from players feeling more unique and I find I use the two middle options and don't even bother with the outside two. Though the heavier female option I would use more for females if it didn't look like someone squished it.

- I'd like to have more then 3 - 4 different heads. I don't think we need each head to have 3- 5 different shades to them. Give us more unique heads and leave the different shades to complexion. I say give each race 5-10 different heads.

- Different voice choices. The voice should either go with the race so if I make a Sith trooper he should get the Sith voice or the Trooper should have 3 - 5 different voice options. Gets old having a ****** toon with a whimpy voice or a tiny, sneaky type toon with a heroic voice.

- Tattoos. Works just like scars but call it facial decoration or something and include the scars.

I could've added a crap ton of customizations but I'm trying to think small here. Baby steps that don't take too many resources to do, like a complete customization overhaul would, but would breath new life into the game, at least for me.