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This is just SM. In HM the drop rate appears to be around every 15 seconds. And for all those scoffing at SM dps: sure, we get it, SM is SM. It's not difficult, it's not progression, it's just something to do. That being said, it's where 80% of the community spends its time, and some folks wouldn't mind having info that makes the run faster and/or more efficient.

In both SM and HM most tanks kite the boss all over the place (well, usually around the edges of the room). In SM, at least, it's possible to not move him at all, and just drop all the puddles on top of each other (with proper use of cooldowns).

Again, it's not progression, it's not difficult, it's for funsies.
So is there a reliable list of times for hard mode or does it vary enough to make using timers useless?
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I think that you have beaten the game . Congrats, that is crazy!