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The OP makes a valid point. These types of things should always be easily available in stickied announcements at the top of the PTS forums. Just because someone can dig for this information through previous discussions or the dev tracker, doesn't mean its good design. Its the job of the community team to deliver information in an intuitive manner, and use the tools at their disposal to make the customer experience as convenient as possible, especially for those who do not frequent the forums often and may not immediately know where to look.
Eric couldn't even be bothered to tell us until 2 days after conquest had started that we'll have to meet the 6.0 conquest target yields (500k small, 2M medium, 5M large) in order to get our guild rewards, and Daniel said about a year ago that they'd work on getting a forum icon for the Guild Strongholds forum, and you expect them to do something as logical as communicate things like PTS up/downtime via a sticky in that forum? Queue a Dr. Evil "Riiiiiiiiight."
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