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Famous last words: The codex told me she was over 18!
"I'm hauling your *** in!" "But it's true I say! The codex lied to me! The codex liiiiiiieeeeeeeeddddd*fades as you're dragged off*"

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He's a very cliche and uninteresting character and his character models are unattractive. There is nothing eventful in the romance until...


Talos is much more dynamic. First of all, he's not emo and brooding like the other SI companions. He's a breath of fresh air without being annoying cheerful. He seems oblivious to the fact that you're the most powerful sith running around the galaxy and just kind of talks to you like he would anyone else. It's a nice change.
As unfortunate as it is, I have to agree with your assessment of Andronikos. I mean, doesn't Bioware think all the girls love the broody guy who only wants his freedom(Blatant Fenris reference)?

And I was really upset that female Inquisitors didn't get to romance Talos. He's he's older than Andronikos, (which is implied by the VAs, not so much in the codex) but I really like Talos.
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First of all, he's not emo and brooding like the other SI companions
Khem: Grr I'ma eat you for binding me grrrrrr

Andronikos: I'ma pirate so don't you try taking my freedom away or else! (imagined a grr after that)

Ashara: Oh no! Waht have I done! well I guess I don't have any choice but to follow you and be your aprentice, but I refuse to be a sith! Even though I can never be Jedi again....

Xalek: If you're weak I'll kill you... >.> Got an cake?

Talos: *starts rambling on about sith history and imperial history, but in a cute way that makes it interesting and makes me actually want to have him out while I'm questing*

Me: Can I marry this one please?