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Hey does anyone know where to find the dialogue for the different class story lines? I am just curious about this part in the smuggler story line. It is when Risha is telling you what happened with Beryl Thorne. I just want to know what the third option is. I usually try the different ones because I like hearing the different dialogue. The line right before is, "I escaped, Beryl didn't. She blames me for not rescuing her from the imperials." The third option is: "I would too." I am just curious on what the exact dialogue you say and what she says when you pick that one. Not a big deal but am wondering. Also if someone can provide a link or website where I can read the dialogue options for the game or find them, that would be cool. I don't like spoilers so I would only use it to review old convos and see the options I missed. Ty and hope you are doing well.