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I'm really enjoying this.
I'm glad
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this is great that I can get more Torian.
Because there's no such thing as having enough Torian
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Keep up the writing.
Will do


Later that night...

'Only me, Torian.'

I hear a few movements. Torian putting away a blaster or moving from the hold he had on Corridan. Not sure. My hearing isn't that good. And they didn't give me x ray vision. Not the first time I've wished for it. Don't know how it slipped their minds when they remember so many other things.

I've stayed awake in the bed we share on the ground since Torian changed for the watch. Want to be awake and ready encase something happens. Doubt anything will thought. I don't need as much sleep as other people. So I can go without some tonight. Besides, earliest night Torian and I have had almost since he came aboard. Not sure how long it has been since then.

I hear a few movements and assume it's Torian returning to his post and possibly Corridan joining him.

'Ready for tomorrow?' Corridan. They speak Mando'a.

I find it hard to keep my hearing focused on something so far away while translating consciously at the same time. Not hard enough to turn the translator on though. I feel that using one... ability on this toxic, insidious planet will lead to me using more until I lose myself and become what they made me to be. I want anything but that: I want to be me for as long as I can.


'Did good on the last op. Glad to have you on this one. And your wife.'

They are silent for a while.

'She's impressive: everything you said and more. Weren't exaggerating her beauty. Look forward to seeing her fight.' There's a pause. 'Don't give me that look. Your trophy, kid. I'm merely admiring.'

I hear Torian make a noise like a 'hmph' and a chuckle. Not sure I like being referred to as an object in this way. Before I can stop it, my knives make the decision for me. They extend from my wrists quickly and cut through the sheets, one grazing my thigh. I withhold a curse and focus on listening to the two men. However, I feel like Corridan wouldn't be talking so much if there wasn't a point.

'Got more than a few jealous. You've chosen well, kid. Don't think there's better than Mandalore's daughter and Grand Champion of the Great Hunt in one. And the best damn looking woman I've seen in a while despite-' Corridan's sentence stops there and I'm assuming it was followed by a gesture, most likely to the face. I'm not insulted or angry. The words only hit dead skin and healed sores.

'Admire with your eyes only.' Torian's voice is strong with firm warning. Still feel a warm rush when I hear him speak Mando'a: his timbre smoother, language more fluent and voice deeper. Guess he really does get tongue tied speaking basic.

Corridan laughs. It's a low, rumbling sound. 'It's not you I'd be worried about. Seems like she's the kind that would shoot me if I do either.' Corridan's voice is rough and coarse compared to Torian's and I don't prefer it.

'She is.' Torian's tone is definite: the voice of a man who has no doubt or uncertainty. Seen enough to know, I suppose. But there's pride in his voice. Not sure if I really do like it. I've had a man proud of my readiness to kill before and I'm not sure I really want it again. I don't dare shake my head encase I miss something but I still find it curious that this has never bothered me earlier.

'Like that in a woman. Makes me wonder how you got her to marry you,' Corridan continues casually.

'Ask myself that every day. Surprised I'm alive.' Torian's trust to this man makes me more than a little jealous. Want the same confidence with him that he has with Corridan. But I know what hurts is hearing it. Torian's blunt honesty hits somewhere raw. Guess it's not that he's thinking it; it's more how horribly right he is. I can protect Torian's life from others but I'm from being able to protect him from myself.

'But worth it. Do anything to for her or to protect her no matter the cost. Not that she would ever need it. Holds her own and then some better than anyone I've ever met. Could beat you easy in a fight, old man.' Torian's voice has that teasing lilt at the end and it makes me smile.

Corridan chuckles. 'I don't doubt it.' I can hear an almost clapping sound. I think it's Corridan's hand on Torian's shoulder. 'Got it bad, kid.' I imagine Corridan punching Torian's chin lightly. 'Good for you.'

I don't hear anything else said for a while. I can imagine Torian nodding. Or smiling. Or looking serious and away from Corridan. Hard to tell. Maybe a mixture of all of them.

'Wish I'd been there to see Mandalore's face when he heard,' Corridan continues after a pause. 'Rumours vary. Jogo prefers the ones that involve your dishonour or head.' There's a slight pause where I imagine Torian frowning.

'Don't mind Jogo. He's more than slightly jealous. You got a lot he doesn't. Personally, think Mandalore's alright with it. Gar taldin ni jaonyc; gar sa buir, ori'wadaas'la.' He pauses and his next words carry a heavy gravity. 'I'm happy for you, son.'

All I hear next is Corridan walking away and Torian's gentle breathing. I wait for it to be my watch.