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This gives some extra meaning to it.
I thought so too.
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Ooooooo. I love that AU Twist <3 <3 <3

Around five hours later...

When we reach the Grand Assembly room, the Jedi from before are there. Seems this was their mission. If I'd cared enough to think about it, I might have guessed. As we approach the two who stand guard at the entrance to the hall, each side with weapons drawn, I look to Torian.

'Told you there was still time,' I say with a crafty smile, walking at a slow pace.

'Never doubted you,' he replies with a small smile that's a little distant. His eyes only watch the Jedi and sum them up. I can tell he's already forming strategies and play from there mere Jedi's stance and grip. Wish I could take credit for that.

'Which one do you want, manda?' I ask curiously.


'The woman?' He gives a sharp nod and continues to evaluate her. I narrow my eyes at her and look her up and down for reasons other than her stance and weapons. 'Why? Taken a fancy to her?'

'In a way.'

'Fine. Bet I can finish both of them alone in two minutes, though.' They are almost in shooting range and I wonder why they haven't moved. They only cast arrogant and uninterested eyes over us and see us as already dead. I suppose I'm looking at them in the same way.

'Not a fair wager, Cyare. And you still owe me five Jedi.'

'I'll let you have the both then,' I reply as I stop walking. He only continues steadily down the hall, his eyes not leaving his opponents. 'You have three minutes, Torian,' I call after him.

He jumps to them before my sentence ends.

I watch his form and movements with a critical eye. But more than that, I watch his timing. His reflexes are quick and his timing impossible. The Jedi look confused and surprised as his movements predict theirs better than they can predict his. He beats them in two minutes with twenty four seconds to spare.

I slowly clap and approach him as he stands not even out of breath above them.

'Kandosii! And a spare twenty four seconds.' I stand next to him and look down at their bodies. Then my attention is drawn back to him. Slightly proud but nothing extraordinarily so. Still want to make sure he doesn't get a big head.

'Though your balance was slightly off fifty-six seconds in when the Jedi moved like this,' I repeat the motion with my arms, 'which left and availability for the other Jedi to do this,' I do another motion, lightly hitting his arm where he raised to block his chest. 'Attacking there would have pushed you back too far on your heels and cause you to shift your feet like this,' I move my feet to show, 'to counteract it. Would have been easy then for you to be pushed down. But luckily he didn't.' I swiftly kiss his lips.

He nods and smiles. 'Still owe me three Jedi, Champion.' Though he doesn't comment on my pointers and critique, I know he filed the information away for later.

I grin up at him. 'Well, there should be at least that many somewhere around here. Reason would point to Tormen being their goal. We must stop them.' Torian glances at me and nods once. I extend my blades and look at them with brutal a'den.

'Mando'ad draar digu,' I whisper. I walk on before Torian can reply and I don't meet the look he gives me. 'A Mando'ad never forgets.'

When we walk into the Grand Assembly area, Tormen and a Jedi are fighting on the stage. I lean my elbows onto the balcony ledge and casually watch. I feel Torian slip from my side and assume he went to kill the three Jedi to the left of the room.

Another tries to attack Tormen from behind. I shoot her in the back. He's mine to kill. And he's still useful. So busy watching them fight I let down my guard. Didn't hear the Jedi drop from the ceiling. So I was surprised when I was force pushed from behind over the ledge and find myself on my back below, looking up to the Jedi that standing on the balconies ledge.

The Jedi ignites his lightsaber and leaps down towards me. But he is hit off course.


He jumps over me and shoots the Jedi in the chest before he even had a chance to stand. I smile. Knew I told him to always carry a blaster for a reason.

Torian offers me his hand. 'Copaani gaan?'

I take it, smiling. Seems he won't be the death of me yet.

'Vor entye,' I say to Torian as I stand on my feet, our toes touching.

'Always got your rear, Cyare.' He kisses my forehead softly and I smile back.

'Then tion'ad hukaat'kama?'

He frowns in a serious way I know too well: no room for concession or moveability. 'Don't need anyone too. "Jatnese be te jatnese", remember?' A small teasing smile appears at the edge of his lips.

I shake my head and grin back at him. 'Can't disagree with you there.' I touch his cheek lightly and look into his eyes. 'Always got your back too, ner Torian. Two way thing, remember?'

He nods but my attention is drawn away from Torian and to Tormen's battle. Darth Tormen's opponent becomes distracted by his comrades death. And the Sith takes his chance. He kicks the Jedi away, and theatrically cracks his neck before killing the Jedi.

'I did not see Seros. I assume you took care of him.' He walks slowly to me. This fight has told me a great deal. Darth Tormen is not as strong as he likes to show through his theatrics. Typical Sith. His lightsaber form relied on brute force and left holes in his defences which would be open to blaster fire or close range attacks if swift enough.

'Yes. I had no problem dispatching my Jedi.' I openly sneer at his face and he doesn't look at me with indulgence. But he doesn't threaten Torian and i hear his quick heart rate. The battle against the Jedi tired him. Interesting.

'Only a Jedi would call something this fragile 'Battlemaster.'' He looks scornfully at the pad in his hand.

'I don't know. Killed my share of Sith in my time,' I reply casually.

He retorts angrily, 'then they were weak. The Sith are stronger for their deaths.'

I smirk thinly. He ignores it and continues, but his dismissal tells me I have tried his patience enough and he only wants me to leave him. I file this away for later. Tormen will contact us when he has extracted the data he needs to plan the attack on the Chancellor.

I begin to walk but pause and call to Tormen over my shoulder: 'I saved your life, Tormen. But I won't ever hesitate to take it.' I keep walking and Tormen doesn't reply.

When we walk outside, I grin to Torian over my shoulder.

'Twenty six Jedi. Enough for you?'

He shakes his head and returns my grin. His hair is messed up and sticking up and out of shape. I like it like that. His eyes shine brightly from battle but he isn't tired. 'Never.'

I look to the sky and smile. The sun is about to set.

'Good. Race you to the taxi?'