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I keep seeing posts like that ^ talking about the 'Nightmare Crystal' like it's such a bad thing or whatever , but i don't get it ... Why exactly? Is it just 1 of those in-game legit things that's nevertheless frowned upon? (sorta like Sage bubble being "globalled" ? )

Also, isn't it a major pain to craft? And also doesn't it not even last more than like 3 hours and is one-time use?

I'm just seriously confused by all the hate towards it, in multiple threads too.

p.s. No, i've never used 1 before cuz no i've never even cleared a NiM op before lol ( but it's def. something i'm hoping to accomplish, legitimately, once i finish the last few HM cheevos i have to finish first )
some people would consider it similar to a cheat code as it buffs your stats by ~20% and makes any dps/hps check a lot easier, nightmare operations are generally about executing mechanics and working as a team while also meeting the DPS and HPS requirements. Using Nightmare Crystals to bypass these mechanics, dps requirements or teamwork is kinda frowned upon generally within the nightmare community but as you say the cost to make one is quite large and as the other guy says, nobody really knows if your group used crystals or not to clear encounters.

I know many groups that aren't that serious about nightmare raiding use them cause they want the titles/items/mounts/achievements that come from Nightmare operations (in particular the Wings from Dread Master Brontes and the Crest from Hateful comes to mind) but might not want to spend time/energy to learn how to execute the mechanics, get good at teamwork or work on rotations to increase dps/hps. Some of those groups use them and tbh I don't think anyone really cares if they do or don't.

Part of the animosity I think regarding crystals comes from players who cleared content with them and then lies when they apply to other raid teams/pug groups doing Nightmare content saying that they killed those bosses without using crystals, then when they are put into raids with those raid groups and perform far below the required level it makes players annoyed.

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