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02.21.2020 , 10:13 PM | #91
Quote: Originally Posted by BAKADESHI View Post
Just use a nightmare crystal if 0 VE stacks are too difficult. No one will know except you and your raid mates, that you were inadequate in clearing ops at the intended level.
I keep seeing posts like that ^ talking about the 'Nightmare Crystal' like it's such a bad thing or whatever , but i don't get it ... Why exactly? Is it just 1 of those in-game legit things that's nevertheless frowned upon? (sorta like Sage bubble being "globalled" ? )

Also, isn't it a major pain to craft? And also doesn't it not even last more than like 3 hours and is one-time use?

I'm just seriously confused by all the hate towards it, in multiple threads too.

p.s. No, i've never used 1 before cuz no i've never even cleared a NiM op before lol ( but it's def. something i'm hoping to accomplish, legitimately, once i finish the last few HM cheevos i have to finish first )
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