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At first, there was the ion rail spamming gun which people (including you) defended. Now there are more options to kinda like the same effect which we all now use and some would say it's overpowered.
These are not comparable scenarios. It is not useful to attempt to relate them.

Pre 5.5, Ion Railgun was the only thing in the game capable of sufficiently disrupting Bomber spam, and even then it was only effective at beating it with adequate team support. In the absence of any other changes to the pre-5.5 environment, diminishing Ion Railgun would have led to what was largely in place anyway which was Bomber Spam: The Game.

Post 5.5, Ion Railgun is not an issue that anyone has to complain about. Few people are even bothering to run it, because with better Strikes, Gunships cannot stay in position to maintain fire nearly as long and the ships that are coming to get them are tougher and more potent offensively. It's almost as if it wasn't an Ion Railgun problem at all, and was actually a problem with underpowered Strike Fighters. Not that the GS didn't have a natural predator in the T2S anyway, but somehow as Bomber Spam proliferated people lost the will and/or drive to excel in T2S aside from the handful of people who stuck with the ship and could kill Gunships quite effectively.

Incidentally there are actual counters that clear Ion Railgun debuffs now, too, which few people use because it's really not so much a problem anymore. And even pre-5.5, Power Dive was a direct counter to Ion snares.

The lockout issue stems from bad design in that it removes people's agency without a counter other than 'don't get caught in AoE and/or don't let someone get close enough to land RS.'

Quote: Originally Posted by Nasja View Post
Suggestion: Hold back when you are ahead + when you have what you think to be overpowered equipment but use it to fuil extend when you are behind and are carrying the fight.
Let's say they do this.

Let's also say that some other group who does not frequent the forums and does not care to engage in GSF Chat or interact with players outside their group figures out 'hey this stuff is powerful' and they go on to use it very effectively. The same problem still exists.

Trying to get players to 'hold back,' 'play nice,' or self-regulate in any way is doomed to failure and really has no place in a competitive game. These are issues that need to be addressed on a game design level. If you are playing a game where the goal is to win, serious players will pursue that goal to the best of their abilities, and will use any tools they have available to do so. In my opinion, it's not sensible to ask them to do otherwise or expect that they will.

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