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I think that there's a bit too much CC.

It's still pretty early in this patch, and I don't think that the meta that this is crafting is unhealthy, but I think there are too many lockouts, too frequently, and for too long. I'll go into the three CCs we are seeing quite a bit of:

1- EMP Field
EMP Field seems to do a great job of making a node safer to assault. It does good job of buffing allies and debuffing enemies and clearing mines, all of which are its jobs. I think that its duration of 13 and its cooldown of 25 represent too much lockout. The prior version of this was too weak, with range bugs and a 45 second cooldown. Because EMP field gets stronger the more frequently you press it (a version with halved cooldown and duration would be stronger), I think the cooldown should come up a bit, to like 30 or even 35 seconds. I'm not sure what the correct number is, but we moved into a mode where you never really recover from the first EMP before the second hits you.

2- EMP Missile
This has a pending aoe player damage nerf, which should help anyone who spends time on nodes, especially bombers. I think it could also use an aoe control nerf, such as halving the lockout durations aoe player targets. EMP Missile serves as a "priming missile", an easier to land missile that makes locks easier on your target, and that seems fine, but the penalty for being caught in the aoe feels overly punishing for being near an objective or ally who couldn't avoid the missile. Unlike EMP field, where you have data available to you about what is going on (the EMP field ship moving into range), EMP missile only gives you a warning when you are the target.

3- Remote Slicing
Unlike the other two, this move only seems to come out in TDM. Like EMP field, you can see it coming, and unlike both of the EMP effects, it deals no damage at all and is always single target. I think its uptime is a bit too high though, and its engine drain also seems to be really aggressive. I think the duration of the debuffs should probably come down by a couple seconds- to 9 or 10 from 12. I also think that the 60 engine power drain could be less as well, because it is pretty punishing as so much engine is hard to recover from. The addition of an engine power drain, however, is a big part of why the move is useful compared to its old, useless format.

Of the three, EMP Missile and EMP Field seem to have reasonable common usage on all maps, whereas Remote Slicing does not have such universal application- plenty of TDMs will have no remote slicers at all, and it is a rare build in domination.

I think that the CC in the game is good, but I do think you get more of it sort of incidentally. The direct CC ability of remote slicing requiring giving up more is fine, but it is still a move with a lot of synergy as long as it keeps its low cooldown and engine lockout, which I think it should.

My disclaimer is that we are all still early enough into the patch that we don't have a mature meta yet under this ruleset, so my ideas could be out of place.
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