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Thanks for the replies! Iím not familiar with augments from synth weave arenít those available for purchase as well? I was mainly thinking biochem for cooldown damage boosting stims... is that a thing lol? I figured consumables would be more sellable on the GTN and the damage boost from the stim would be better than an augment?
Also, crafting professions such as Cybertech can be used to make augment kits, so they're not entirely useless.

Artifice can make dyes and color crystals, but can't craft augment kits.

Biochem isn't able to craft augment kits either, but can make stims.

It's hard to compete on the GTN as a new player (at least long term) selling any of these things, however, because other crafters with an army of alts and large guild benefits can make a larger quantity for far cheaper. Augment kits are an option, and you can make them for yourself, which saves you money.

The same thing goes with stims for biochem. Even if you don't sell them on the GTN, you can still use them yourself.
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