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All of whom would be better romantic partners than Felix 'Dishwater' Iresso...

(Why is there no option to reject Iresso's return? Why?)
Because Felix is one of the best characters and romances in the game, actually. Refreshingly mature and low-drama, he's the antidote to many of the usual tropes employed in writing support characters.

Of all the dark-sided things one could possibly do, rejecting someone after years of torture is fairly high up there. Hoping to be at your side again is probably the only thing that kept him sane; I feel like cutting him loose would be the action of a monster. Where's he supposed to go? Who's going to help him find a place and meaning in life again? I simply cannot understand anyone who would turn him away.

Plus the consular already gets a fairly rough deal on companion screen-time from KotFE onwards. Every companion given a rejection or kill option seems less likely to turn up again, and consulars actually deserve their companions to get more attention going forwards.

As regards the actual topic, different strokes for different folks, but I would have absolutely zero interest in this. More attention for the consular's existing romances instead, please. Especially Felix.
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