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Exactly... my bh merc chose to side with the republic... and yet today I am still killing Pub soldiers and a few Jedi...

The in game solution should be as easy as a race change.. just use mirrors of the current race. My bh merc is a imp zabrak... all it takes is for BioWare to create other races, mirrored, one for each existing class.

Itís always been wrong anyway... a dark side Jedi should have always had dark side powers.
on ossus they explained that... you still need to appear as working for the empire, you are a double agent, its the same reason undercover cops participate in some crimes so there cover doesnt get blown, or spies will work for other governments top gain their trust. balker straight up says you can do far more for the republic from inside the empire instead of outside. its an "ends justify the means" scenario, and as boyd said in an livestream, the saboteur storylines will get very dark and conflicting and he hopes they will make you question everything about your toon. (iirc this was in a livestream with badfeeling podcast b4 ossus came out)
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