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I'm of two minds on this. On the plus side, it is great as comic relief, and the appearance of incompetence (or just having an off day) is a shield against the appearance of disloyalty. On the other hand, if a character previously has a reputation for intelligence, cunning, and good leadership, an incident like this can be jarring, and as you point out could lead to the saboteur not being trusted as much with crucial information or missions.
I think that's true. In terms of comic relief, I thought it was some of the funniest writing seen in the game, and I appreciated it for that.

From a story standpoint, I've already said that I think that the saboteur storyline is not believable for some characters given what they have already chosen to do in the game. If you have a character like my Republic saboteur who has been undermining the Republic every time the story has allowed her to do so, going back to the class stories, and has publicly supported the Empire during KOTET and Iokath, it's just not believable that the Republic would trust her with anything on Ossus or Dantooine. The Republic wouldn't trust her as far as they could spit, and they'd have good reason for that.

If she were brought in for an interview with RNN, she'd probably say exactly what the saboteur interview said, and would barely be able to contain her hatred for the Republic with her answers.

On the other hand if you have a character that secretly hates their faction or knows how to covertly work for the other side, the saboteur speech/interview is a bit more jarring because they'd be savvy enough not to blow their cover that way. But in that case you could always choose one of the other two conversation options and continue to bluff through as the Imperial or Republic "hero" everyone thinks the character is.

In at least one post-story communication someone noted saboteur Commander's erratic behavior, which I thought was an nice touch.