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It's not a black and white issue. When I rolled my Sith warrior I did not take the chance to wipe a lot of people, instead taking the 'light' option of sending them to the Dark Council for interrogation, when it may have been kinder, and more lightside, so kill them there and then. Others however, were summarily executed because I felt it would be more 'Sith' to do so.

Being a Sith is not about crushing people just because you can. The Sith code teaches that unless your victory proves you to be more powerful than the vanquished, then it is not a true victory. To jettison people from an airlock without them ever being aware of your presence would be a good example of this. It would be a darkside action, but not worthy of the Sith, and contrary to the Sith code.

Crushing insects because you can is...beneath a true Sith.

It is also possible to be a darkside force user but not be a Sith. You see this in game a lot, poor unfortunates being jettisoned from airlocks for example. Lots of darkside toons thinking it makes them Sith. "judder"

I roll my Sith and follow the Sith code, and they end up more light than dark, but I frequently take many darkside options because it is Sith to do so.

As Yuthara Ban described the Sith code- "Simple words, yet easily misunderstood". I think the Sith code is best described here-
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One thing that a lot of people confuse about the Sith Code is that it never expressly says that Hate, Cruelty and Anger are required to be a Sith. Passion encompasses a lot of emotions, including feelings of love and affection, the thing is, the people that matter in the Sith hierarchy (Lords, Darths, Emperors) all use the aforementioned hate, anger and cruelty.

Now, the Sith Code is fairly ambiguous (technically, the Peace thing is the only part that could be considered evil, but a lack of peace does not necessarily mean galaxy spanning war), but the Sith philosophy is based around the strong ruling over the weak, and only the powerful surviving. Its very Animallistic in that only the strong survive, and the weak will only be good enough for slavery or servitude.

So, to answer your question, you do not have to be Dark sided to follow the Code of the Sith, but you do to live by the philosophy of the strong dominating the weak.
These people get the idea. They truly understand the Sith Code and how it works.

Of course, the real problem here is that there is always an assigned 'good or evil' facet to each action. As far as I can tell, no actions in the game are neutral, they are either Light sided or Dark Sided. To be frank, this is probably one of the few things in the game that annoys me. Specifically because its unrealistic.

For example: The Sith Warrior story, you can be merciful and spare the Jedi Knight on Balmorra. Yet you know that doing so means she is highly likely to be tortured and interrogated (and THEN probably die) And yet, the action is considered light side, when depending on who you ask killing her could be considered a light sided action, as it spares her from the suffering that would be inflicted upon her.

I have always, and always shall, hate the system of absolutes that is considered canon in the SW universe when it comes to the Jedi and Sith.

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ok lets look at this from another angle. can any1 name a lightside sith, that remained part of the empire and didn't turn into a jedi,

i'm thinking opening an puppy orphanage would be a good example (ok maybe that is extreme) but seriously is there examples of light side sith?
I recall their being a Sith Lord that was part of the Rule of Two who didn't actually go out and do anything dark-sided or evil, he was merely a scholar of some sort.

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personaly i think the light side/ dark side is just bioware being star warsy with the allignment system. Think of them more as different actions in a given situation (eg letting the slaves suffer for weeks versus killing them out right) both still pretty evil and none are particularly light. Making dark side choices as a jedi doesnt mean following the dark side it's just you feel you should take more aggressive action or be stronger to protect the republic. same as light sith. Malgus is sith but he believes that tolerence breeds strength. sparing some one who could help you get stronger vs killing them to be "sith". You're still a sith you just do things differently. Ultimately you strive for power regardless of your choices.
Exactly! Its not so much that your being "lightsided" so much as your using a different method to achieve power and strength.
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2. On Dromund Kaas: You find the teachings of a light side Sith (his holocron) in the Dark Temple.
I knew there was something of an example somewhere!!

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I think it's telling that at one point in KotOR II, Carth - I think it's Carth, might have been Atton - talks about how it was called the Jedi Civil War because, for your average non-Force user, the Jedi and the Sith are basically two sides of the same coin. Catholics and Protestants, if you will.
It's Atton, I think, though someone else in KOTOR I might have said something similar.
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No, Siths as race weren't strong in dark side of the force. They were strong simply in the force and exile Dark Jedies teach them how to use force - it's dark side.
I may believe a Pureblood Sith can be LS, but you sir are incorrect here. The Sith species were actually highly affluent in the Dark Side, thrived on it in fact. Granted, as the wookiepedia page for the Sith states, that doesn't mean the PB Sith were evil horrible pyschopaths.

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a sith wouldnīt be lightside i suppose, but the light side/dark side options in SWTOR are poor imo.
sometime the light side option makes more sense from a dark side point of wiev. Ex. why would you kill somebody if you could send him somewhere to be interogated. Many mindless kill options where we kill people we dont know just for dark side points. Why ? Itīs not that we hate all people.
As trooper in the starting area get lightside points to give medicin to a refuge and dark side to give it to our fellow troopers. But if the troopers die who will defend the refugeīs. Light side/dark side options arenīt as simple as this game makes it
Which is pretty much my BIGGEST complaint with the game. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how much work would need to be gone into to fix it.
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The conversation in this thread is actually ironic, considering this is the same conversation that the Jedi and Sith would be talking among themselves as to just who is really a part of their belief system and just who follows it "correctly." This topic is the prime example and answer to exactly how it would be within those two organizations.

There is no black and white when it comes to who is on what side. People are diverse and there will always be differing opinions and morality. You will never find (within any belief, whether religious, scientific, economical, political, or other) two people who feel identically about all issues regarding their organization. There will be the outspoken few who define their personal belief as being the ideal version of their belief and try to hold everyone else to it, judging those who don't fall under their law, but that doesn't make it so.

The person who said to look at today's religions as example were right. The example of Catholics vs. Baptists vs. Lutherans is a bad one though since the latter two are recent branches of the former; it's more like Catholics vs. Judaism vs. Muslim. Their roots go back even further in time, and even though some of the teachings originate from the same religious figures and entities, they do not recognize each other as being a part of the same whole. You can still see this in recent history as well. Jehovah's Witnesses for example, use the same Bible, the same teachings, and are nearly identical to other Christian religions, and yet are not accepted as Christians; yet the Mormon religion which, although also using the Bible, also teach out of an entirely different book than Christians, is yet just now being embraced as Christian primarily because of political reasons.

So this entire thread is the answer itself: there is no one correct answer, because there always will be differing opinions, not just from us on the outside of lore, but from those inside it as well.
An excellent post highlighting an excellent point.

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Allow me to wax philosophical here for a bit:

The Sith order first came into existence because Jedi doctrine is fundamentally broken: not because it focuses on being charitable and virtuous, but because it conceives of vast portions of the psyche as dark and forbidden, represses them - and thus creates the very monsters that it fears.

Repression does not lead to serenity and enlightenment - it just fosters a repressed shadow-self that eventually manifests in the form of the "dark side".

This is essentially what the Sith order is: a bunch of Jedis who have inverted their original teachings, embraced their suppressed feelings, and went "dark". (Remember, the sith order was funded by dark Jedi who were exiled and subjugated the sith-species.) But they are still caught in the same disastrous dichotomy, only on the other extreme end of the spectrum. They haven't broken free of the mental prison erected by Jedi lore - they still embrace it.

In short: a Jedi is just a sith waiting to happen. And a sith is just a Jedi who's gone over the top.
As such, "light-sided" sith are basically the ones who have finally got it: they do not repress their emotions any longer, but neither do they demonize them, becoming monsters. Instead, they follow the Twi'lek approach of "riding the heat storm" - neither light nor dark, but both, reconciled.

The fundamental truth that neither the Jedi nor the Sith can look in the eye is this: there is no dark side. Whatever evil there is in the Force is entirely of our own creation, born of our own way of thinking about it.
I would like to state that, by canon of SW, there is indeed a Dark Side. So it does exist. Now, what you define as being the Dark Side is personally up in the air. After all, there are places in the Galaxy where the Dark Side thrives, and yet no Sith or Dark jedi has ever set foot there.

However, I do agree with the point you make. A Lightsided Sith is a Sith who has finally broken free of the prison that was Jedi Teachings.

I would like to say something about the Sith Code real quick. When it says "Peace is a Lie" some think it means that the Sith believe in constant warfare. This is not true. They simply recognize that in nature, struggle never ceases. You are always in conflict, even if it may not seem like you are at the time. Peace is a Lie because it simply does not last, it always ends. Now, what you define as conflict and struggle may vary in both situation and scale, but the peace always fades away as we are forced to prove ourselves, and show that we have the right to exist, however we may define such existence.