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01.26.2012 , 10:06 AM | #5
I have straight up murdered Mandalorians, I told the Mandalore to his face to get bent, can I have a title like "Galactic Bada--"?

I'm glad I didn't join those cry-baby glory hounds; You don't get rich worrying about honor.

That being said I think people who do choose to join them should have gotten a title out of it. They play up the Mandalorian angle a lot at the point in the story and it almost seems like it's expected. Maybe in a future ex-pack.

I just hope they don't force us all to have to live a Mandalorian story line later on, because I want none of it. I like being a freelancer with no boss but myself; Where's the reward for snubbing the Mandalore? Hehehe.
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