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I would have liked the Rally Master title and the chance to get that armour later in the game which those who chose not to become one don't have access to. In the Mandalorian hierarchy during the Mandalorian Wars, a Rally Master was a lieutenant and instructor on the field that during the early years reported directly to Mandalore. Kelborn in this game is one, and Vortan Fett, who accompanies Mandalore in one endgame scenario wears the armour. Being a Mandalorian of high status, I think we should get that title in addition to "the Mandalorian". Could also be ", Mandalore's chosen" or something like that.

But if we Mandalorians get a title, I think those who got thrown out of the party by Mandalore need a title as well. Something of equal prestige in the canon.

If only you could join the Genoharadan as an alternative. Should be two paths to follow. Someone who would have done that could get a ", Genoharadan agent" title and a special set of armour. Equally elite in the SW universe.

One can dream...
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