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I just want to say I'm enjoying this. I love your namesake, the wit about him and his cheeriness compared to the stoic (word used a lot!) Dehros. The interaction between them, the chemistry, is awesome. The back and forth quips as Osetto constantly tries to get Dehros to break his stoicism. I love it.
Heh, thanks for the kind words. I kind of wanted to stress the stoicism. Since Jedi are typically calm and relaxed, I needed something for when they go the extra mile to not express themselves. As for Dehros, he's something special. He's not just quiet or reserved, he actually doesn't allow himself to show or be affected by emotion. He takes the first line of the Jedi Code very literally. Osetto far less so.

I'm trying my best to keep them from just being Lorrik and Jresh in Jedi robes. There are similarities, as pretty much anything I write concerning a pair of protagonists stems from a similar dynamic. The warm and the cold. The expressive and the reserved. The physical and the mental. But even with different motivations and traits, I'll admit that this story and Acolyte Ascension will possess similar themes, if with a bit of an inversion. That story dealt with freedom and control, perception of worth, even parenthood toward the end. The same will be true in Guiding Lights as the still young Jedi attempt to raise their Padawans in a rapidly evolving climate.

Unlike most Masters, Osetto and Dehros don't have all the answers. And the ones they do have might be wrong. And once the four of them leave the sanctuary of the Temple, there could be consequences for their unorthodoxy.
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