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I'm not against a force sensitive class and I think this post is really well done as I said before. I don't like the proposed Archetype I prefer the idea of a hybrid type class that used blasters in combination with Force abilities and a new weapon style not previously used in SWToR which is why I mentioned the laser whip.

I just don't like the concept of a Force super soldier vs a more canon based Force Sensitive force wielder. When I say "watered Down" It is reference to the "enhanced reflexes" vs not using actual force abilities like push or force run not the entirety of the idea.

Just my thoughts I didn't realize only 100% positive feedback was allowed.
You think by asking you a couple questions about your post I somehow tried to limit yours or anyones feedback?


I agree anyway, some sort of republic super agent/ imperial super soldier and force sensitive/using non jedi/sith I think would both make great additions but should definitely be separate. I wouldnt mind this idea either.