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I'm not against a force sensitive class and I think this post is really well done as I said before. I don't like the proposed Archetype I prefer the idea of a hybrid type class that used blasters in combination with Force abilities and a new weapon style not previously used in SWToR which is why I mentioned the laser whip.

I just don't like the concept of a Force super soldier vs a more canon based Force Sensitive force wielder. When I say "watered Down" It is reference to the "enhanced reflexes" vs not using actual force abilities like push or force run not the entirety of the idea.

Just my thoughts I didn't realize only 100% positive feedback was allowed.
Ah .. I see the difference.
** Yes .. your feed back is definitely allowed .. and appreciated.
** We have to avoid the a hybrid type other wise what we have is a subclass of either a Jedi or Trooper / and their counter parts in the Empire.
** Also: the SIS and the Empires version are both well established in the SWTOR lore. While both have representatives in the stories neither are used as a class.
** IF we were to use either one as a class it would stand to reason that if we wanted the best possible scenario for this class it would be to make them FSNFU. That is of course: Force Sensitive Non Force User. This differentiates them from both Force Users ( namely Jedi and Sith) and or even special forces groups such as "Havoc Squad".
**Force sensitive does (but not strong in the force or a JK or Sith ) does tend to separate them. BUT when a degree of sensitivity is applied it does generate a character that has a skill class that can and will make them more suited for the assignment than even a trooper class (for example). It is that "separation" that makes them stronger not weaker. Only certain sith blinded with absolutes would tend to see such a person as incompetent or weak. The emperor .. and his collogues would see them as an opportunity to penetrate Alliance and Republic security and organizations to inflict maximum harm when the time calls for it.
** Not a sniper. No need to confuse them with that class either.

In deed .. a unique group of people.. for a unique task.