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As i said in an earlier post. It's ONE aspect that is also a fun one. It's the meta game of getting the best min-max outfit, finding new combinations when they release new trinkets and gear.
And it's an additional thing to work towards that lots of people enjoy.

YOUR oppinion is that it's "what's wrong" with mmorpgs. Others beleive it's a fun addition, one that you causuals have been trying to deny us all this time.

You guys have been crying your eyes out over the 5% stat disparity that BM gear offers over Champion gear.

YOU want to limit MY fun and my sense of progression.
Nah, actually I haven't. I've been saying all along that the gear difference between BM and a fresh 50 isn't impossible, and that from "full BM" to Champion/Centurion is kind of a joke, especially Champ. BM is a sidegrade/downgrade for some people.

My point is, if it's a big deal to some people, who cares, let's get rid of it. Your sense of progression is WINNING, whether by yourself or with your friends. When you're winning 100% of your games, then you can say you can't progress anymore. While you win, you get different gear. Sure, its stats may not be better, but at least you earned something different...what's the big deal? By the time you're a perfect player that has "progressed" all the way and never loses, I'm sure there will be new content in the game, new armor, and new things for you to make your character grow with.

Even better, maybe they'll add substance to the game on TOP of gear, like a sandbox element. Maybe these changes to economics will give TOR a healthy crafting sector. Who knows?

The stat values have traditionally just inflated in these games due to the PVE sector - their gear typically gets bigger stats, because the PVE Dev's idea of difficulty is usually adding more HP to bosses, and quicker enrage timers, and making you learn to tango instead of waltz.

Nobody said you can't min-max, and look for the best combination of gear, both stat-wise, and cosmetic wise - let's face it, they'll NEVER get rid of stats - but PVP should be "relatively" even, even in this kind of game. There are enough x-factors like connection speed, PC, peripherals, etc. without letting people become significantly better as a function of time-played.

My eyes are dry as a bone.
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