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Also, dual-phase sabers are not all silver. Gantoris made himself one on Yavin in the novel I, Jedi. His was violet.
Was actually first seen in Dark Apprentice, and I believe Gantoris' lightsaber shifted colors when he changed the phase for length - think it became orange when extended? Haven't read the Jedi Academy trilogy in years. The dual-phase construction of a lightsaber is, as I understand it, linked partly to how many crystals are used in the construction but also to how they're cut and aligned to the emitter. I seem to also recall that anotehr unique property of dual-phase blades is that they were more resistant to the shut-off effect of cortosis, as I believe was referenced in the Hand of Thrawn duology.

But, yeah, more agreement that the colors of a lightsaber being in any way indicative of the wielder's alignment or focus is bogus. Also, special properties imbued upon a weapon via the crystal is crap - only exception I can think of is when Anakin Solo used a Yuuzhan Vong lambent crystal in his lightsaber which, coupled with latent yorik coral implants, allowed him to sense the Yuuzhan Vong through the Force where normally they were invisible.