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I thought the whole idea in a competative MMO market was to distinguish yourself from your competitors , not just to mimic them.
As much as I love for class personal stories to return, I must disagree here. Even without class stories, there is a lot more** going for story-wise. If we can assume the level of depth of chapter 4 is about equal as the others, SWTOR leveling experience is still very much a story-focused grind. The issue at hand is of course that while I am sure my first character is going to love running around in Makeb, I will find no such satisfaction with my other alts. The reason I can withstand leveling other ACs past the first, is because I combine PvP spam with the class stories.

** Edit: When I mean 'a lot more' I mean compared to other MMO's. Though I admit WoW is getting some more lore as time goes bye, it is also one of the the worst MMO if you like character immersion imo
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