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I started the game with a LS Inquisitor and I dislike SWTOR's Republic and Jedi ever since that character visited Alderaan for his class quest. Something like this happened:

Not to mention the first person you meet after arriving on Coruscant is a corrupt senator
Of course that doesn't mean I don't like playing my Republic characters or interacting with Republic players. I just don't like the fictional faction.
Yeah, I remember that particularly sticking in my craw. The guy even acknowledged that he didn’t sense the dark side in you (if your alignment is light 1 or better) and then attacks you anyway.

I think it would have been a lot more interesting if they’d just allowed it to work; highlighting means like deception and manipulation are also tools of the Sith (I mean, Palpatine was the biggest baddest Sith of them all and he conquered the entire Republic with nary a direct act of violence on his own part).

I chalk it up mostly to the need for the Jedi to be scary dogmatics in order to make it clear why your Sith can’t just go defect to the Republic like what happens a couple times in the Jedi stories when you show mercy to a Sith. The Sith PCs have to face off against the most fanatical Jedi so even those who’d objectively be more true to the light side than a Jedi running through on the dark side track of their stories would be don’t really get a real opportunity to question their place in the galaxy.

Which is honestly why, unless they seriously intend to allow faction swapping down the line, I think FE/ET allowing LS Sith to start interacting with non-fanatical Jedi is probably going to be the hardest thing to write around in the future.

My Light 5 Inquisitor who played through saving Makeb, played well with Satele’s Forces during Shadow of Revan, went full on heroic during FE/ET (Koth stuck around and is one of my preferred companions during those stories) and then sided Republic every chance I got thereafter. The idea that the Sith Empire would even want to call me for help on Ossus is kind of immersion breaking on its own (Vowron is an idiot who deserves his inevitable ignominious demise for having called me up for help).

Basically, after seeing how the other half really lives my Ex-Sith would either just try to remain independent or, if they have to pick a side, would try to leverage a Rift Alliance type deal with the Republic rather than become a Sith vassal state.