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Kira is awesome but she also has one of the worst sayings in the game "feel my force" it sounds like the sort of thing I'd say to my friends as a teenager while simultaneously farting on them.
She has a line, perhaps it is the translated version of that, in German-language SWTOR, which read like this : "Eat my lightsabre !" With a word used for "eat" which is an even more brutal form of "eating". A bit like "someone bites the dust", the line from that Queen song.

But anyway, I often have the feeling as if all creativity went into the imperial side first, and as if it was developed first, but then the dev team members ran out of creativity. I rather mean the overall style, just look at how the fleet station is built, artistically

Or, my favourite example, the Black Hole. Just compare both sides there, from an artistic point of view. It even comes down to the Republic being able to merely take out Torvix best warrior, but the Empire side being able to take out Torvix himself !

And that goes on throhgh the whole game. The Republic side player is left completely clueless regarding Makeb. Only the imperial side player gets the explanation.

And that goes on for the rest of the game.

They always seem to do the imperial stories first, then run out of creativity, so much drained of creativity, and then do the Republic side, because they seem to believe "Republic side gets played anyway. We don't need to make it interesting at all."

But that's my personal opinion.
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