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Hey folks,

Following our Onslaught announcement at SW Celebration we want to start diving into feedback right away. This thread is going to be about a lot of new things, because this is about special effects for everyone. As a reminder, our goal in Onslaught is to introduce new Set Bonuses along with Tactical Items that can help you to play the way you want! For Disciplines, this is a bit easier as you pick your favorite part of that class and then try to do more of it. But when it comes to “everyone” that becomes a bit trickier as any set bonus or tactical has to be usable by everyone. That likely means that it can only affect a few different things:
  • Travel
  • Crafting
  • Harvesting
  • "Flurry” attacks
  • Rest and recharge skills
  • etc
For context:
  • Tactical Items: These should modify one of your Advanced Class/Discipline abilities to work differently. The goal is for you to use the ability in situations you previously wouldn’t (more often, against specific targets, etc)
  • Set Bonuses: These should be focused on the broader “kind of tools” your class uses, but not specific abilities. Some examples are sets that center around bleeds, force damage, lightning, shields, cover, and so on.

Please use this thread to brainstorm any ideas that you have around what general set bonuses and tactical items you would like to see in the game. I may not respond frequently in this thread but know that I am going to be compiling everything and sending it over to the team.

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