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In SWTOR lore, yes. Their code basically believes in no mercy and culling the weak. It was probably inspired by the lore of the Spartans.

Modern day, we consider philosophies about no mercy and culling the weak to be morally repugnant. And we have plenty of tools to help the "weak" become strong without beating the **** out of each other, so it makes no sense for us to rely on such dark ages nonsense. Nor does it make sense for the Sith to rely on it, in a magical space sci-fi, where people can pop kolto for healing.

The aim of the Sith is essentially a "for the better of humanity, the strongest survive" gospel, but it's easily torn into rubble by the reality that Sith use tricks to gain power all the time and few of them actually believe in dying or subjugating themselves if they are shown to be weaker than another. And because power is something that easily corrupts people, the Sith are infinitely more corruptible than, say, the Jedi, who believe in meditating rather than ordering people around.

I mean, if you could walk into a secure military base and laugh as missiles fell against a force shield that you summoned forth from your fingertips, you'd probably get a little power crazy too. Being mortal is humbling, but having god-like powers mixed with valuing strength and power over all else is a recipe for disaster.
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