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11.15.2016 , 12:15 PM | #994
I say its up to the individuals how they follow the sith code.

The original sith code wasn't meant to be a tutorial on how to conquer worlds and fight jedi. It was meant to be a path of freedom to those force users who didn't want to live like monks.

Yet the sith used it for nothing but a history of violence and became branded as Evil from the beginning to the end.

If star wars was real life ( ) it would be much more complicated. Swtor actualy tried to make the sith more realistic if you pay attention to the ingame lore from codexes and some quests.

In real life cops are supposed to be good right? But they can be evil too. But since they are practicaly good faction, the faction remains good and they try to eliminate the evil cops inside.

The sith are like gangsters, they are an evil faction. Everyone inside is expected to be evil. But even gangsters have good gangsters and just like with the cops, the gangsters try to remain evil and they purge the good gansters whenever they find em.

So an individual sith can be good, but since his faction is evil he has like three options "fall in line" and become evil too "fight it" and stay true to himself/herself or leave before he/she gets killed

Our character in swtor is always an exception because no matter which story you play you become too important to the cause that neither the Republic or the Empire dares to eliminate you if you posses the other alligment