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Don't be a douche, man. If you're going to correct someone, do it in a positive way. Also, the planet was Kamino; the people were Kaminoans.

The whole ship aesthetics issue comes down to one man: Palpatine.

Up until 1000 BBY, the Republic used ships like the Thranta and the Hammerhead, as we see in KOTOR and TOR. Sure, the designs change. For the most part, the Sith are the ones who use the wedge-shaped ships like the dreadnoughts in TOR.

Roughly 1000 BBY, something huge happened. The Sith were wiped out (or so the Republic thought). Because of this, certain things happened to the Republic, which are called the Ruusan Reformations. The specifics are not important. All you need to know is that, after Ruusan, the Republic no longer had a standing army. It relied on formal treaties and local law enforcement and militias to keep the peace. The Jedi themselves put away their armor and embraced a lifestyle of peace.

Fast forward to the Rise of the Empire era. Sidious had a clone army created. But, the Republic had no means of ferrying these troops around to wage war against the Separatists. What probably happened is Palpatine (either as Sifo-dyas or through him) offered old Sith schematics to some shipmakers (perhaps KDY), who then improved the designs, bringing them up to modern standards.

The Acclamator was not a Republic design. Well, it was, but the Republic had no idea it had them until Geonosis.
This is actually exactly what happened.
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