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You guys are forgetting one important fact between the time period the game takes place in and the time frame of the movies. During the time of the game, the Republic had a standing army and a navy. During the time of the Prequels, the Republic did not have an army or a navy to speak of. Didnt need one. The Sith had been believed destroyed a millennia prior and no one felt it was necessary anymore. The fleet was mothballed and the army disbanded.

Enter Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious who was granted by law the ability to great a Grand Army of the Republic(thanks a lot Jar Jar). Since he was in effect Supreme Commander of the Army, it just stands to reason he had influence on the design of the naval ships at that time, hence the obvious Sith influence on the Republic vessels. Don't you find it curious that the Republic's new navy at that time bears a striking similarity to the Sith Empire prior and the Galactic Empire once the Republic is converted?

The Rebel Alliance's vessels likewise shared a similarity with the historical navy of the Galactic Republic. So the ships in TOR are not wrong, but rather quite correct in their designs.
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