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Hi all, after a very long break I intend to get back into the game starting this evening!

I currently have a level 51 Sith Marauder and a level 28 Jedi Sage. I however have no idea how there stories evolved so I guess it's best to start a new character. I do have a few concerns though and would like to have your opinion(s).

- Does SWTOR still have a active player base in game? I mean it doesn't have to be over the top full but it is nice to see others on all levels/planets

- Is SWTOR beginner friendly? In other words is it 99% experienced/die-hard players looking down on newbies or are new players still joining every now and then?

- Not sure about this one so for the check. As a subscribed player do you automatically get access to all DLC?

Well that's it for now!

Thank you in advance!
I'm not sure if you're playing in Europe or US., but both US servers are nicely filled for most game activities.

There are a lot of solo mode content that lets you progress at your own pace, regular flashpoints for groups that is fairly laid back most of the time, and raids for 8 or 16 players that is pretty easy to pick up once you know your characters.

One thing that really helps is getting into an active guild (one that has at least 6 people or more on when you play.) Your guild is a great tool for learning the mechanics to any content that you haven't run before. They can teach you how to heal, tank and dps pretty well.

One tip, if you want to avoid drama, is to pretty much ignore anything you see on general chat. There are a lot of people that get bored and spend their time trolling on general chat and certain planetary chat. They purposely say things to upset new players. Other than that, most groups you run with are very nice and patient. If you have any questions, feel free to ask (here on the forums or ingame). There are always nice players who will help you out.

Welcome to the game! If you're playing on U.S., and you need a guild on Satele Shan, let me know!
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