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It would be ok when these theoretical numbers would be achieved in reality but its not!
the difference is much much higher.

look at these parses -

snipers, powertechs, maros - all around 7.5k dps

rest: all <6.5k dps.

Difference: < 1000 dps

Especially Sages/Sorcs are screwed up - they dont do good damge and die to soon.
No reason to put them on a raid when you can have a class that does more damage with ease and much higher survivability like a powertech
Now how about looking at actual bosses, a dummy parse absolutely nothing if it is not done in a raid. There are quite a few bosses where almost ALL specs and ALL classes perform really well. Not all but most. There are of course a few outliers and i am not saying the class balance is perfect but stop looking at dummy parses, they are stupid and only there to either stroke yourself OR better yet practice your class rotation.