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As I remember, the recruit set cost something like a total of 270k back in the day.

F2P currency cap is what, 350k?

If I was F2P, yeah I'd balk at the thought of spending 77% of my max currency limit too. Especially considering how badly recruit gear sucks. The least BW could've done was give it the endurance of the phased-out BM set so maybe there is some hope of surviving a double smash if a healer catches it in time. I can understand the logic of needing to gear grind to get the big hits and numbers, but jeez at least give the entry level a shot at surviving more than 2 GCDs.
an f2p can hit the credit cap after 1 day in belsavis since the only thing they're not getting there is the chests (they still recieve the mod rewards and the full credit rewards. They can literally buy all their recruit mk 2 items over a weekend. The rest is just good old wz comm farming