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As I remember, the recruit set cost something like a total of 270k back in the day.

F2P currency cap is what, 350k?

If I was F2P, yeah I'd balk at the thought of spending 77% of my max currency limit too. Especially considering how badly recruit gear sucks. The least BW could've done was give it the endurance of the phased-out BM set so maybe there is some hope of surviving a double smash if a healer catches it in time. I can understand the logic of needing to gear grind to get the big hits and numbers, but jeez at least give the entry level a shot at surviving more than 2 GCDs.

But since BW insists on adding new tiers of gear without updating recruit gear to keep the gap at least somewhat manageable, there really isn't much point in getting recruit gear UNLESS it's handed to you for free. As a sub, I don't want people with lvl 40 greens in my warzone, but I don't want people in recruit gear in my warzone, either. Yes recruit is better than the level 40 greens but the numbers I have to heal through in warzones have grown large enough that the practical difference isn't that great--either is a waste of a heal. And the restrictions on F2P gear make this sub's warzones far less enjoyable when I'm stuck with them for my 4 pugs, Force forbid I have to solo queue and risk getting 6-7 ftpers on my team. I consider BM a bare minimum, but we don't have that anymore...

And what self-respecting F2Per would EVER buy a wz pass after "sampling" a roflstomp because the best gear he can equip (and let's face it, bantha dung is more useful in PVP, maybe you can craft it into a stun grenade) under the restrictions COST 77% OF THE CREDITS HE IS ALLOWED TO HAVE?

If recruit gear is to remain as crappy as it is presently, it needs to be free to all, including f2pers. It's so crappy it simply isn't worth expending a f2per's scarce resources on.
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