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In closing, I am not sure how the set bonuses work for PvE, and I would certainly not want to ruin the fun of those of us who enjoy that aspect of the game. I am very happy that we have one area where we shine. Perhaps we should consider having PvP and PvE set bonuses as separate so each can address issues in their own areas.
As I recall, the devs switched to having identical PvP & PvE set bonuses after 3.0 because of the balance issues with unequal set bonuses before. For instance, PvE Snipers used to get the 2 piece PvE + 2 piece PvP set bonus for the extra tick of damage on Orbital Strike pre nerf. Now, instead of having to balance 2 sets for each class the devs only have to focus on one. So in that way the change was a good thing.

But I agree, the things that are needed for PvP are vastly different from the things needed for PvE, so having a single set bonus for both will always give the short end of the stick to one or the other.