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Trixxie--I think the current discussion in the PvP forum about toxic solo-ranked has a similar situation here that you and others have pointed out in that thread...when "normal" people see the toxic garbage in the fleet gen chat, they're going to find a way to avoid it if they can help it, and strongholds are a useful tool to do that. What this leaves behind on fleet are the same, small number of trolls, but because more and more people are avoiding it, it amplifies what anyone will see in chat as being 100% toxic and reason to avoid at all costs, when it's really just 1-4 people ruining the experience for everyone else that hasn't learned how to put people on ignore or how to close certain chat channels (or, slightly worse, they feel they need to come to the rescue of whatever the trolls have chosen as bait at that moment and keep the "discussion" going instead of disengaging altogether (hey guys, nothing infuriates trolls more than silence, the sooner you all learn that, the sooner they'll leave to the underside of more popular bridges)).

The perception of toxicity (not necessarily the reality) becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy where it seems to be "worse than ever" or the norm, when it's always been the same small handful of people. Could Bioware be doing more to make fleet worth going to despite those trolls? Could Bioware be doing more to make solo ranked more inviting despite the toxic minority that ruin it for everyone else? Of course, but most people will have already made up their mind about it at this point and would be unlikely to come back unless something extraordinarily valuable was there to trump the toxicity.

This is generally why I will believe the argument that fleet isn't the be all and end all of the game's overall population. Maybe before strongholds that might have been true, and before the trolls got their hooks in fleet's gen chat and fleet pvp channels, but I don't think we're ever going to see fleet's population improve.
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