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09.18.2018 , 11:08 AM | #8
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Hard to believe. I figured it's a purposeful queue system that being 4v4s are priority over 8v8s now for some odd reason. I'd rather it be no queue pop at all if they can't manage to get 8v8 matches.

This is sad. Arena only lowbies, no incentives to queue lowbies, I honestly feel it's by design to kill off the lower tier PVP.

They probably make decent coin selling Master Datacrons and other boosts that people feel forced to buy just to avoid the lower much of leveling nowadays.
Waiting up to 40mins for a 3v3 pop at the moment. Itís 12pm Austin time and there is hardly anyone online. What must the Devs think when they look at the game during their work day?