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I made a new ops healer recently, started PVPing at lvl 10, got him to 28 now... Lowbies is AWFUL. It really is. Used to be fun, used to seem faster paced, used to have vets that played lowbies so the matches were competitive. None of this applies now.

I find the teams awful in skill, the players talk crap (which is hilarious to me because the ones talking crap aren't special one bit), I just found the experience abysmal. The fact there are zero incentives to queue lowbies makes it even less appealing.

If I was a new player and tested the waters first by doing lowbie PVP, I'd probably have no interest in sticking with PVP because I honestly got bored on my ops healer by lvl 28, I have no desire to play him.

The players make it even worse with their crappy toxic attitudes. Example is a mid 30s sniper bragged about his dps which made me chuckle seeing how OP'd their AE is in lowbies... Then ironically the same sniper was on my team and we fought a 4v4 against a bunch of 30-40 jugg/maras and we got smoked. After they killed the sniper in /say one said, "you need to spam AE more you might have won." This kind of crappy attitude doesn't make new players want to stick around.

That brings me to the other point, the only thing that pops is 4v4s now! Who wants to do nothing but arenas in lowbies??? Anyway, it's a complete **** show, I want no part of it and paying 30mil for a master datacron is well worth it imo just to hit lvl 70 and bypass the awfulness that is lowbies/mids PVP.
I'm in the process of leveling a new alt, something I haven't done in a long time, and have run into nothing but arenas as well. I was wondering if maybe it was just because I was queuing outside of prime time. I'm sad to read that isn't the case.